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Thanks for visiting Conscious Creation, a site focused on bringing spirituality to the Collective.

It is my hope to make spirituality more accessible by taking methods and practices that can often feel elusive or mystical, and present them in a manner that is more inclusive and tangible. My intent, with each and every offering, is to bridge the gap between the spirit world and the earthly plane, translating the Universe's messages in a practical and grounded way.

It is also my mission to align others, not only to themselves and the Collective, but to Mother Earth. Healing the energetic relationship between humans and the earth, especially animals, is a huge passion of mine. Just as we have begun to heal the masculine and feminine divide, we must also focus on healing the divide between humanity and the animal kingdom.

To further honor my mission, a portion of each and every purchase is donated to the Humane Society of the United States.

By addressing animal cruelty from both ends, donating to help protect animals in danger now and energetically healing unconscious beliefs to prevent future abuse, we can make a monumental difference. 

If this mission resonates with you, welcome! I'm so happy you're here. If you'd like to stay connected, please sign up for my monthly love letters, and if you have any questions, concerns or compliments, feel free to email them. I'd love to here from you.

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