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Top 10 Must Have Crystals


Are you interested in working with crystals but don’t know where to start?

I hear you, the world of crystals can be overwhelming. But the key is to have fun, go with what feels right to you and let the rest naturally fall into place.

You see every crystal has its own list of metaphysical properties, but each individual crystal is unique, just as we are all unique. Basically it can get very personal. What one person responds to or resonates with, another may not. I tell you this not to confuse you further, but instead, liberate you!  

Don’t get caught up in someone else’s opinion of a specific crystal. And don’t overthink how you feel. Go with your first impression. More times than not you’ll be correct.

If you find it hard to trust your gut at first, try fact-checking after you’ve first followed your intuition. If you’re drawn to a crystal but don’t know why, try working with it anyway. Sit with it’s energy. Hold it in both hands. How do you feel? What comes to mind? Write it down. Then search the internet for some quick interpretations. You might be pleasantly surprised by just how aligned your interpretation is with the collective's. 

Also keep in mind, the more you practice, the easier it becomes. As with anything, some of us will pick up on it easier than others. There are several different ways to connect with crystals. Too many to review here, but the most obvious one is to use your hands. 

As I mentioned above, hold your crystals. Your palm chakras will help you decipher and connect to the crystal’s energy. And just like a muscle, the more you use your palm chakras, the more responsive and stronger they’ll become. 

So remember the crystals below are just a guide, a starting point to set you on your journey. The rest is in your HANDS!

PYRITE, commonly know as fool’s gold, is far greater than its nickname would imply. Besides bringing success and prosperity it aligns you with your inner strength, expands your confidence and ignites your passions, all while keeping you grounded, ensuring all you envision becomes a reality.

HEMATITE is another grounding crystal that helps clear negative energy, allowing you to feel more balanced and focused. I find it particularly useful in grids to ground/earth intentions. 

GARNET is yet another grounding crystal, but with a softer approach. It’s gentle, loving vibes draw that which you desire towards you. It is a more receptive, feminine energy, where as pyrite and hematite are more masculine. 

CITRINE is the joy maker, full of vitality and optimism. It’s also a crystal that promotes creativity and joyful self-expression. You can find both natural and heat-treated citrine, and you’ll also find plenty of opinions on which is better. Heated-treated is more readily available and less expensive, but some insist natural is the only way to go. Try exploring it for yourself and see what feels right for you. 

TIGER’S EYE is the ultimate Solar Plexus crystal in my opinion. It packs a punch, prompting confidence, courage and willpower. It encourages self-worth and brings forth your inner fire, connecting you to your core desires. 

PREHNITE is all about the love. It encourages compassion and forgiveness for others and yourself, therefore strengthening your relationships. This includes your relationship with Spirit, as this is also a highly spiritual crystal. 

ROSE QUARTZ is another crystal that relates to love, unconditional, universal love. It promotes self love and romantic love, as well as love for all living things. Whether you want to draw more love into your life or share more love with others, this crystal can be of assistance. 

AMETHYST, I’m pretty sure, is on every top ten list that has every existed, and for good reason. It’s gentle vibes heal and assist on so many levels. It’s the perfect crystal to use during any spiritual or intuitive work, such as oracle reading, dream interpretation or meditation. It can also ease stress and help heal emotional wounds.

CELESTITE is a calming crystal that helps connect you to your intuition, spirit guides and the divine. Like amethyst it is a great tool to have by your side while meditating, doing any kind of divination work or even creating art, for it helps you tap into other dimensions. It is also great to have by your bedside to promote serenity and healing while you sleep. I pair it with selenite for a double dose of nighttime peace.

FLUORITE is probably my favorite crystal! I may have a more personal connection to it then most, and therefore a different opinion of its healing properties. But remember what I mentioned earlier, everyone reacts to crystals differently. 

Fluorite is commonly know to work with the mind, increasing memory and clarity. But for me it simply brings joy. Complete and utter playful, childlike joy. Maybe it’s just me or maybe by bringing the mind into clear focus, fluorite is able to free the mind. Free it of all the conditioning it has encountered as we’ve grown older, bringing us back to who we really are, at soul level.

I hope this list has proved to be a helpful resource. If you’re looking for more crystal inspiration check out Conscious Creation’s Framed Crystal Grids and other crystal related offerings. 

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