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The Importance of Silence


Have we lost the importance of silence?

In today’s fast paced, overstimulated society we’ve grown accustom to noise.

Whether it’s traffic, music or a child crying, we are constantly taking in outside sounds most of our waking lives, and sometimes even when we’re sleeping!

Most of us lead very active lives that require us to communicate via phone, email (yep that’s still noise) etc. We are busy interacting most of the day, and even when we are not, we may still be listening to music while we drive to work or watching TV while we eat. 

But if we are always taking in outside information, when do we get to tune into ourselves and the messages that we hold within us?

Only when we are in silence can our intuition flourish and those messages come forth. 

Now don’t get me wrong, intuition can hit at any moment, especially once you’re tapped in and connected on a regular basis. However if your struggling to access your intuition, silence is the first step. And even if you’re a pro, silence is still a tool, and a blessing, that should not be dismissed. 

This may feel awkward at first, maybe even uncomfortable. 

Silence may invokes a negative feeling for some of us. Perhaps you were told to be quiet as a child and silence equates to being ignored. Or for others, silence means having to face yourself. Without distractions, there is no avoiding what’s been hiding under the surface. And perhaps that’s why most of us are so quick to turn on the radio or TV. So we don’t have to deal!

And that’s fair. We all need to escape sometimes. But if we ignore our deepest truths and wishes all our lives, we become nothing more than a cog within a numb society. And I’m pretty sure none of us are wishing for that. 

So the next time you take a walk, try leaving the earbuds at home. And when you garden, craft or cook be mindful of what noises fill the space. Start slow and go at your own pace, leaving pockets of time here and there where you can just be. Create the space. That’s all you have to do. 

Even if it feels strange at first, even if it seems like it’s not working, be patient and kind to yourself. You’re voice will emerge! And I promise you, it will be empowering!

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