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Healing the Divide Between Humanity and Mother Earth

For quite some time now, as a collective, we’ve been trying to reform our ways in order to have less of an impact on our planet. Yet, how much progress have we really made?

In some ways, a lot, but in others, not nearly enough. Often it feels like we’re just spinning our wheels and going nowhere, or worse yet, going backwards. 

We’ve created programs, organizations and holidays to remind us to do our part, because if we don’t, one day it will all be gone. Maybe not in our lifetime, but our children’s lifetime. Isn’t that how the saying goes? 

But manipulative threats are rarely successful and often backfire. Simply put, this tactic isn’t working. 

We’ve been trying to tackle this physically and mentally. But what if we took another approach and explored things on an energetic and emotional level. 

This is a relationship after all, us and Mother Earth. And when we look at it that way, it’s obvious to see it’s a relationship we’ve been neglecting. The truth is, only when we feel connected to the planet will we really care about it. 

So how do we go about doing that?

First, we could consider spending more quality time with Mother Nature. In modern society, working eight to twelve hour days under fluorescent lights, we’ve become detached from nature. In order to feel her presence, we need to make a conscious effort to connect. 

Once a week try spending time in nature. While you’re there, stay present. Try not to think about work, your to-do-list or any other obligations. Stay focused on your surroundings, appreciate the beauty and pay attention to your senses. Take notice of the elements and animals. Do this enough, and you’ll be surprised how much Mother Nature has to share with you. 

Second, try exploring the world of energetic healing. Any form of healing, that helps you realign with yourself, will in turn help you align with Mother Nature. However, you can also seek out energy healing specifically related to healing the earth and/or our relationship with the earth. 

Here at Conscious Creation we offer Earth Star Healing Sessions that combine standard Reiki methods with Shamanic beliefs, using the energies of the four elements to focus on not only balancing your own chakras but aligning them to the energies of the earth. This can help release unconscious beliefs or blockages limiting you from fully connecting to Mother Earth.

By combining these two practices, fostering a relationship with the planet and taking responsibility for our own healing, it might just be possible to not only heal ourselves, but simultaneously heal the collective and consciously co-create a new world.

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