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Creating Sacred Space

Intentionally creating a space that allows you to tune into yourself can be incredibly fruitful and expansive.

Whether it is a religious, spiritual or creative space is up to you. In the end, they all provide us with the same thing, peace, freedom and growth. And once you have this space in you’re life, it’s pretty hard to image living without it. 

Creating a space true to you and your needs, feeds the soul. It’s an act of self-love and care. It becomes an essential part of you. And by gifting this treasure to yourself, you are honoring yourself and all that you create within the space. 

But more times than not, we make excuses for why we can’t create this space for ourselves. We don’t have the time, the money, the space or it simple never dawns on us that we need it in the first place. 

This comes from societal conditioning and/or self-limiting beliefs. But the truth is you deserve it! That brings me to number one on my list of ten steps to create your own sacred space, even if your resources are limited.

  1. Know that you’re worth it! You’re allowed to take up space. In fact you require it, in order to flourish. Even if space is limited in your home, there’s no reason why you can’t, for example, set up a little space for yourself in the corner of your bedroom.
  2. Explore your options. Take a step back and really be honest with yourself and those you share your home with. Do you need ten boxes of memorabilia that you never look at or that DVD collection you never watch? Do you really use that foosball table? (Yep that was a question to my husband). Something may need to go in order for you to gain the space you need, but in the end what you create in that space will far out weigh the initial loss.
  3. Take the time to “feel” out different spaces. It might seem silly to think about randomly plopping down and tuning in to how you feel in different parts of your house, but you’d be surprised at how different the energy can feel from one space to the next. 
  4. Before you commit to the space, make sure there is good air circulation and light. Is there a window close by that can let light and air in, when needed? If so are there blinds to adjust the amount of light coming in throughout the day? If there is no window, can a light with a dimmer be added? Depending on what you’ll be doing in the space, there may be times when both bright and low light will be needed. Nature light is always the best but adding items such as a salt lamp can also make the space feel warm and relaxing. 
  5. Strive to achieve the 3 Cs - clean, clutter-free and cohesive. Achieving the Cs promotes a feeling of calm and allows you to focus on your intentions, not the pile of papers in the corner taunting you!
  6. Make sure the space is comfortable. Add a throw blanket or pillow, avoid hard or cold surfaces and make sure you have a place to put your feet up!
  7. Fill the space with your favorite things. Find items that inspire you to create and connect, not random stuff that looks pretty but means nothing. Unsure of what to add? Ask yourself what your favorite element is, earth, air, fire or water? Crystals, plants, candles and art all elevate the energy of a space and help you tap into something greater than yourself. 
  8. Make sure to have fun and try to add as much of you as possible. Find a way to not only select items but create something yourself. Paint a wall in chalkboard paint so you can write inspirational quotes or paint your flower pots different colors. 
  9. Find a way to invite nature in. If you have a window you’ve already accomplished this. Just make sure to keep the blinds open so you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. If there’s no window, add crystals, a fish bowl or a sand garden. 
  10. Clear and intention the space. Once you're done, clear any stagnant or negative energy with sacred smoke such and Sage or Palo Santo. And make sure to crack a window to let the smoke and energy escape. Or if you can’t use smoke for any reason, use a singing bowl or tuning fork. Then set your intentions for the space, either by simple stating them out loud or by creating a mantra or crystal grid.

Still need more guidance on designing and creating your very own sacred space? Check out my design service, where I personally help you create the best space for you and your needs.

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